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So what’s all this talk about the RailBlaza StarPort?

I’m glad you asked!

As you get more deeply into kayak fishing, or recreational kayaking and exploring, you tend to come up with all kinds of novel ideas on making adjustments to your kayak. How can I add more rod holders? What’s the best way to attach a fish finder, or a motor battery, or a live bait well? Maybe I could add a sail, or a GoPro, or a shade tent, or a stand-up bar, or a mini-bbq for cooking that fresh squid!!

Yes the imagination goes wild! Just how much fun can I have out there on this pimped-up super-yak from hell!??

The journey starts with these weird and wonderful ideas. The journey soon comes to the inevitable junction that is the RailBlaza StarPort.

The RailBlaza StarPort
Simply put, this simple device can be screwed or bolted to your kayak. Once it’s attached, you can attach any RailBlaza product and lock it in, say a rotating platform for a fish finder. Next day you might want to go out with a kid, so instead of the fish finder, you put a visibility flag in the StarPort. Everything is detachable with a single click. Perfect versatility. Unlimited applications.

RailBlaza StarPort Dream Kayaks

What is possible?

Before we go on and talk about how most people use the RailBlaza gear, let’s consider the less ordinary, weirder, more wonderful and imaginative ways this gear can be used.

The RailBlaza gear is designed to be used with simple StarPorts bolted or screwed into the kayak, but also with pipes or tracks. The pipes are an interesting one. Using a specially designed StarPort, called a “RailMount”, you can attach 19-25mm pipes to your kayak. This can be a cheap way to do some cool stuff.

RailBlaza RailMount

RailBlaza RailMount

Feel like attaching a sail to your kayak? Or a stand-up bar, or a sun protection roof?
Sounds far-fetched I know but the sky is the limit with this RailBlaza gear!

By positioning 3-5 RailMounts around your kayak you could quite easily make a stand-up bar, which is just a bar that you can grab onto when you stand up on the yak, giving you way better balance and making casting and fishing from a standing position possible. Similarly you could add almost any pipe-structure to your yak. Stay tuned for some of our experimental adventures very soon!

How do Most People Use It?

There are a few no-brainers for most people. Rotating Platform for a fish finder. Camera boom. Extra rod holders. The most popular accessory is probably the boom for your GoPro or digital camera. Gotta get that mint catch on Instagram or that sea touring odyssey on FaceBook! Of course for the serious fisho a fish finder and transducer are almost essential. RailBlaza have just brought out an amazing new product that will let you attach your fish finder and transducer with two clicks! RailBlaza explain it right here. You can buy it online at a great price right here.
Maybe a quick list of the most popular products would be good:

CameraBoom 600 The CameraBoom 600 is a 60cm boom with a small platform on the end with a built in bolt to attach your Go Pro or digital camera.
Rotating Platform Dream Kayaks RailBlaza The Rotating Platform is a solid but inexpensive little platform to bolt your fish finder onto. You could of course bolt anything you wanted to this – within reason.
RailBlaza Visibility Kit The Visibility Kit is a must have for high-traffic areas. It includes a high-vis flag and a LED light on a pole.
RailBlaza Eye 25 Dream Kayaks The Eye 25 is a simple eyelet of 25mm diameter that is perfect for storing a fishing rod length-wise along the kayak – used in conjunction with a 35mm G-Hold

Pimped Up Kayak Dream Kayaks

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