Bass Season Is On!

Chasing bass in the Dream Catcher 3 Fishing Kayak

Well spring has sprung and bass season is here again! So what better time to get yourself a Dream Kayak and get out there to chase a few of these alluring natives! To me there is no better way to chase bass than on surface lures, so read on and I’ll give you a few tips and tricks as to chasing some bass on surface.

Why Chase Bass on a Yak?

One of the best things about chasing bass from a kayak is the stealth factor, especially in heavily fished areas, I find that sneaking into these areas using my Dream Catcher 3 has definitely helped me catch fish when guys in boats are struggling. See, even if you’re running an electric on your boat it still emits a noise, it may just be a whir to us, but that whir travels a great distance underwater and when fish are constantly hearing it I feel they do become more wary. That’s why gliding silently into position for a cast into a prime-looking bass lair can give you the edge you need to hook that next donkey that you’ll remember for a long time.

Chasing Bass on a Dream Catcher 3

When to Chase Bass?

The best time to chase bass on the surface is definitely low-light periods, so getting on the water early for the dawn period or hitting the water late afternoon for the dusk session is the go. I find fishing these periods in the kayak to be a really peaceful and almost therapeutic! The bite periods can stretch into the middle of the day if the day is overcast or by targeting the pockets of shade created by overhanging vegetation.

Where to Chase’em?

Being based on the sunshine coast my usual haunts for chasing bass are the upper Noosa River, Lake MacDonald and a few other small creeks that I’m definitely not going to let you in on. Within these bodies of water there is a multitude of areas that hold bass, but when it comes to my personal favourite areas for targeting bass on the surface I tend to stick to certain areas. The most productive areas are where you find somewhere for the fish to hide, in the dams I love fishing the lilies, these provide shade for the bass during the day and structure for the fish to ambush prey from, set yourself up so as your casting along the face of the lilies or at least at a 45 degree to the face, this way the lure spends maximum time in the strike zone.  When it comes to the creeks and rivers my main focus is snag piles and undercut banks, again both these features have protection and an ambush point for the bass. Again the big secret is to get your lure tight into the structure, or under the overhanging bank, and work the lure out with pauses to keep the lure in the strike zone.

lillies in bass season

Which Lures?

Now you’ve launched your yak and found some prime bass country, the next thing is what lure to tie on. Well, this decision never comes easy, especially when you’re able to carry so much in the multiple storage areas in the Dream Catcher. Even after chasing these fish for years I still struggle when it comes to lure choice, so to start you need to think about what’s going on around the water you’re fishing. If it’s early in the season, or the fish will be focused more on boney bream, I’ll usually start by throwing around a surface walker. I find the walker is a great lure to start with because the subtle action of the walker is less likely to spook the fish if they get a bit flighty.

If however it’s high summer and there’s a lot of insect activity, especially cicadas, then I’d usually tie on a bug style lure. Things like kokoda bats, tiemco cicadas and river 2 sea buggi pops are a couple of my favourites and they work well for me on my local bass. Although it’s important to be casting hard into structure with all forms of bass fishing, it’s especially important when you’re trying to imitate insects. Insects usually end up in the water after dropping from overhead vegetation or from the bank, so make sure your casts are close to structure and then just twitch the lure for a while before walking the lure out of the structure, usually the hit comes on the lure landing or after a couple of twitches.

So there you have it a quick run-down to get you started chasing some quality bass on surface from your Dream Kayak, so get out there and get into a few fish and then make sure you jump on the Dream Facebook page and share some pictures of your captures, big or small!

Chasing Bass

by Stewart Hansen

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