The War Horse Motorised Kayak

War Horse Kayak in Ocean Camo Version 2

The War Horse Motorised Kayak

This kayak is changing the game. Instead of hanging your trolling motor awkwardly off the side of your kayak behind the seat, we have customised the motor experience and placed it right between your knees, with an easy switch control and 5 speeds right in front of the seated position. Steer with your feet using the rudder blade leaving both hands free!

Dream Kayaks now have AfterPay, so you can walk into the shop and grab a War Horse and pay later!

To see more specs on this kayak, click here for the Dream Kayaks website.

Below is a brief video introduction to the War Horse.

Now – minor problem here. Both the videos here show the first model. We have already updated to the second model. As soon as it arrives we will update this article to keep it up-to-date.

Improvements in the second version are:

  • It’s lighter
  • It’s more buoyant
  • It takes a pedal drive

This video shows the War Horse in the water skooting along at top speed.

That’s it for now – Much more info coming once the updated model arrives in store in October 2017!

War Horse Motor Kayak

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