The BEAST vs FeelFree Lure 11.5 – Part One

Beast vs Lure

The BEAST vs FeelFree Lure 11.5

When the Dream crew introduced the BEAST kayak in mid 2016 – designed by Dream Kayaks in collaboration with their gun prostaff team – they changed the game. A craft like this was not previously available for under $2k.
The closest kayak on the market at the time was the FeelFree Lure 11.5, which retails for a neat $1,895 PLUS the paddle cost of $79+ (see here). This contrasts spectacularly against the $799 price tag of the BEAST at the time of writing (see here).

So the big question at this point is of course: What do you get for the extra $1,200!!??
Well, to this end I’ve sized them up next to one another for easy comparison. See what you think!

Comparing the BEAST vs FeelFree Lure 11.5

Feature The BEAST The Lure 11.5
Price $799 $1,895 + paddle cost!
Length 350cm 350cm
Width 81cm 91cm
Weight 34kg 35kg
Max Load 150kg 193kg
Seat Raised aluminium framed Raised aluminium framed
Main Hatch 30L 8L (estimate)
Carrying External trolley (sold separately) Wheel in the keel

The Verdict

So! What do you think!? In the next article we’ll show you an in depth video comparing the two and try to get to the bottom of this, but for now the scales are weighing heavily in favour of the BEAST kayak. Check out heaps of amazing pics on instagram here or head over to Dream Kayaks webpage to see more!

Video Intro to the Beast

Beast Kayak Seat

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