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Dream Cather 4 Fishing Kayak

New Fishing Kayaks Review

Welcome to our little community of keen yak fishos in Brisbane, QLD and all around Oz!

So! what’s new on the market for fishing kayaks?

It’s fantastic to see some new kayaks hit the market this year. Many of the cheaper yaks for sale are almost identical so it’s really great to see some INNOVATIVE designs come out of the woodwork!

Here we single out two amazing new kayaks that will suit a lot of keen fishos and they are UNREAL value for money.

First on our list is the amazing Dream Catcher 4. This kayak is similar in a lot of ways to its predecessor the Dream 3, but the design has been tweaked hard, making this the most comfortable and stable 3m kayak in Australia. And guess what!? It is actually 3m long! Unlike most so-called ‘3m kayaks’, which tend to be a foot or so short of 3m!

Dream Catcher 4

So – what’s the deal!? Why is this yak better than the competition?

Dream Catcher 4

Firstly – its bigger. Almost every good-value fishing kayak in Australia is between 260 and 280cm. Why is that? Because people like their yaks to be two things above all else: CHEAP, and LIGHTWEIGHT! Ain’t that right!?

Well, the designers of the Dream 4 decided all that had gone a little too far.

They thought that if you could get yourself a quality yak that is bigger, more comfortable, heaps more stable and with loads more storage space, but still not too heavy, for maybe an extra hundred bucks on the price tag, wouldn’t you take that in a flash over the run-of-the-mill junk kayaks out there?

Yep, we knew you would!

So enough talk: What are the specs?

Dream Catcher 4 Specs

  • Load capacity: 160kg
  • Length: 304cm
  • Rod holders: 3+1
  • Freebies: Deluxe seat, paddle, swivel rod holder AND a free RAILBLAZA StarPort!

The StarPort is a bonus. With this one StarPort you can attach any of RailBlaza’s amazing accessories. More info here.

What’s wrong with it?

This is a question we always like to answer! You might think with a width of only 76cm the stability might not be great – but it is. The extra length makes up for it. But is there anything wrong with the yak? Well it tracks really well with the extra length and clear-cut V-shaped hull. Load capacity is enormous at 160kg tested. Storage space is magnificent. But the one drawback is that it is a little heavy. Weighing in at 24kg it’s not for the physically challenged among us. 24kg is a lot better than the 30+kg of 4m yaks, but if you have shoulder or back problems or you feel you won’t be able to handle the heavier yak, you may want to go for the super-light Dream 3.

So there’s the lowdown on the Dream 4. An exciting and new yak with innovation written all over it. Grab one here! From the Dream Catcher 4 we now move on to a novel 4m kayak just released in Australia, the Angler’s Dream 3.

Angler’s Dream 3

So the other brand new yak we wanted to introduce you to was this – the Angler’s Dream 3.

This one is a 4m pro fishing kayak with a rudder system and a cool feature: inside the hatch you will the bottom of the hatch is made from a clear perspex sheet. They call it a ‘window to the sea’. And that’s exactly what it is. You can see crystal clear right into the water below you. Of course if you’re on the Tweed River after 300mm rain you’re going to see nothing but if your in clear water – an estuary, tidal river, or in the sea, you’re going to have loads of fun checking out the creatures of the water without even getting wet!

What’s wrong with it?

So this is a solid 4m pro fishing kayak with an amazing rudder system, excellent tracking, and at 30kg it’s ridiculously lightweight for such a long kayak. After test-driving this baby we have two minor problems to discuss. Firstly the perspex window: It’s really cool fun. It brings a whole new dimension to the kayaking experience. But it makes that hatch a little difficult to use. Obviously if you jam all your stuff in that hatch, you wont be able to see through the window. Also, you have to be careful not to scratch the window. It’s pretty well protected from the bottom, because the design has it protected by two plastic ridges on the hull. But if you throw your car keys in there every time you go out yakking, eventually it will get so scratched it won’t be a window any longer. So take care! Secondly, this kayak is not quite as stable as the 85cm-wide versions. But then again the reduced width and height of this kayak are the reasons it’s so light. It’s stability is certainly not poor. It’s stable enough to tackle small waves and catch big fish, but it’s not quite the oil rig that some larger yaks are.

Some pics

Dream Catcher 4

Dream Catcher 4
Anglers Dream 3
Anglers Dream 3

by Rory

2 thoughts on “New Fishing Kayaks in Brisbane | Dream Catcher 4

  1. Michael says:

    Am looking at a Dreamcatcher 4 but would like do do some overnight or multi day trips. I know there are two hatches but is there much internal storage?

    • rusty says:

      Sorry for the massive delay Michael – you’ve probably got your yak already – we don’t usually get questions through the blog – To answer your question – The entire inside of the hull is hollow because this is a roto-moulded kayak. So internal storage is pretty substantial. I’d be looking at water-proofing my bag and stashing it in the rear storage well, which is enormous! Thanks!

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