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Native v Hobie, Dream Kayaks

Native Watercraft v Hobie

If you’re looking for a top-end kayak for fishing estuaries and rivers, from late October Dream Kayaks will be stocking Native Watercraft. These kayaks offer truly legendary features and performance. To check out Dream Kayak’s new line-up of US-made kayaks, click here or on the image below.

Dream Kayaks Made in USA

The Titan 12 by Native Watercraft is a well-renowned bass fishing legend in the US, but Native yaks are not as well-known in Australia as Hobie. So how does the Titan 12 stack up against other US made pedal kayaks like the Hobie Pro Angler?

Below is a great video that compares three iconic pedal kayaks.

  • Native Titan 12    ($3,599 Available from Dream Kayaks here)
  • Hobie PA 14    ($4,750 more info here [opens in new window])
  • Jackson Coosa FD    ($3,745 More info here [opens in new window])

Titan 12 v Hobie Pro Angler & Jackson Coosa FD

If you prefer to cut to the chase fast forward to 22:27, where the reviewers give their final summaries. Click here to see the video from this point [opens in new window].

In the end all three reviewers chose the Titan 12 as their pick of the bunch due to its more intuitive pedal drive and better manoeuvrability. The Hobie was faster in a straight line and had a bigger, more open deck but the pedal drive was not intuitive and was less responsive when quick movements were required. The Hobie also weighs more at 55kg un-rigged and costs more. So Native v Hobie? Choosing a kayak is always a trade off. They all have their pros and cons, but in the end you need to make a decision – and we hope this review has helped!

Dream Kayaks is Now the Exclusive Dealer for Native Watercraft in the Gold Coast & Northern NSW. They also stock NuCanoe, a game-changing newcomer to the Australian scene. Click here for more info.

Titan 12 Datasheet

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