Monster Kayaks

Monster Kayaks

Monster Kayaks

Dream Kayaks have officially announced their new line-up – the Monster Kayaks. These high-spec craft are the cream of the crop at Dream, and include kayaks ranging from 9 foot all the way up to 13 foot, with fantastic features built for serious yak fishos.

What do the Monster Kayaks have in common?

The Monster Yaks are the cream of the crop at Dream Kayaks. They come standard with some awesome features. Five years ago you used to have to fork out a month’s wages to get a yak with these features. Now they come easier, from under $600 geared up. So what are these “new normal” features?

  • Raised Seat
  • A Big Hatch
  • Tracks & Boards for Mounting Stuff
  • Super Stability (based on width and hull shape)

What’s available?

Dream Kayaks aim to give yak anglers more choice. So often they’ve heard anglers say things like “I love it, but if only there was something a bit smaller”, “a bit bigger”, “with a rudder”, etc etc.! The Dream Team don’t hear that anymore, because there is something for literally everyone.

  • Gremlin 9X
  • Werewolf 10X
  • Banshee 11X
  • Beast 12X
  • Siren 11X (Pedal-powered)
  • Siren 13X (Pedal-powered)
Monster Kayaks

Listen to an audio recording explaining the graphic above:

The number after the yak name is the approximate length of the craft in feet. A foot is about 30cm. The “X” means raised seat. So the 9X means 9 foot long with a raised seat. Some people call it a “stadium seat”. Whatever you call it – it’s mega-comfy, and gives you a vantage point that is much higher. This is great for standing up, and for improving visibility over and into the water. Of course it also helps not to aggravate the lower back, especially for serious yak anglers who sometimes spend the best part of a day in their yak.

Why go for a Monster?

1) you get a kayak exactly the size you want, and
2) you get the best of both worlds: a lightweight, compact kayak that is also comfortable, with all the important features you need.

Punchy Reviews

Moving from smallest to largest, we’ve written a short review of each kayak.

Gremlin 9X

Pros: The Pocket Rocket. At 24kg this is a lightweight kayak. But it gives you almost everything you get in a 12 foot fishing yak. An 11L hatch in front of the seat (more than 3 times bigger than a 6 inch hatch), tracks, foot pedals ready for rudder installation (rudder not yet available), raised seat and plenty of width (83cm of it!).

Cons: Leg room is limited with foot pedals in place. Tall people can easily remove the foot pedals, leaving plenty of space.

More info here [Opens in new window].

Werewolf 10X

Pros: The best looking yak around! Off the charts stability! Great storage system! Close your eyes while riding this puppy and you could be excused for thinking you were on a pontoon! Without a doubt, no 10 foot kayak under $1,400 is more stable. Also has good storage in the form of not one but three hatches right in front of the seat spanning all the way across the deck from left to right. A rudder comes standard, 90cm width, good standing room. 32kg, due to its immense width.

Cons: With scupper plugs out, water comes on deck at about 105kg.

SOLD OUT at time of writing. Call Dream Kayaks for more info on re-ups. No Photos allowed.

Banshee 11X

Pros: This is a really nice sized kayak. On the water it is a pleasure to paddle, with excellent tracking and amazing stability. Standing up is so easy. It is actually designed as a one-and-a-half seater. Plenty of room in the cockpit. Weighing in at 32kg naked (with rudder, without seat) it’s not what I’d call lightweight, but is still a weight that most people can manage. Great rectangular hatch close to seat, and a rudder that runs beautifully. The finishing touches on this yak are very nice. These include moulded gutters to help water drain out, steel rudder cable, D-rings connecting rudder cable to rudder, rudder strap for transportation, three strap-down points for the seat, steel grommets protecting the hull from cable at entry points, smooth hatch latches etc.

Cons: It has a groove for a track – but no tracks… Coming soon as accessory. Also – Doesn’t come with a swivel rod holder. Purchase separately here [Opens in a new window].

More info here [Opens in new window].


Pros: The Beast is the original Monster kayak – released in July 2016. This is a superhero in the kayak world. BEAST owners have their own dedicated Facebook page (Beast Owners Club). This craft boasts crazy stability and game-changingly huge storage – a 27L rectangular hatch right in front of the seat! And another 9 inch hatch even closer than that. Compartmentalising your gear is really handy! At 350cm and 34kg naked (with rudder without seat), it glides through the water and is a reasonable weight for its size. An excellent estuary fishing weapon!

Cons: Some weird un-even bumps on bottom of hull snag on rocks etc when pulling it over the ground or over rocks in a stream. Normally not a concern but annoying at times.

Cool article here comparing the BEAST to the FeelFree Lure, a $1,600 kayak.

More info here.

Beast Kayak

Siren 11X Pedal

Pros: If you haven’t tried a pedal kayak, you should. They give you much more power, speed, control, range, etc., without the cumbersome heavy gear a motor requires. They rule. Get one. The Siren is a flawless 315cm kayak weighing 32kg with 86cm of width, hand-controlled rudder, raised seat, multiple mounting options, and a gear and shaft-driven pedal unit that is nothing short of amazing.

Comes either with a pedal unit or a 36lb thrust motor! Both interchangeable in the powerpit.

Cons: Storage. No hatch accessible from seat. Under the seat there is room. Stuff a dry bag in there – or wait for the up-coming Dream Kayaks slide hatch unit.

More info here [Opens in new window].

Siren 11X Kayak

The Wrap

These are all top-notch kayaks currently being sold at ludicrous prices. The value you get is immense. The Werewolf is a tricky one. Incredibly good looking kayak and paddles extraordinarily well, but has some glitches. A little work on the design and it could be one of the best – but all the other kayaks are ready to go – incredibly functional and a pleasure to paddle. If forced to choose one to recommend, it would have to be the Gremlin. So many features in such a small lightweight craft is unheard of. And it just looks so good. Check it out here [Opens in new window].


by rusty

3 thoughts on “Monster Kayaks

  1. Graham Watsford says:

    Owned my Beast going on 1 yr now. I am so impressed with the quality and price i decided to add a Siren 11X to the line up.
    Hands down best yaks and features for the price.

    • rusty says:

      Hey Graham – Thanks heaps for the feedback! I’d be interested to know – Do you still use the Beast or is pedaling taking over?

      • Graham Watsford says:

        Hi Rusty, I still use the Beast. Just something about it that i love. Awesome yak. I will be taking to Hervey Bay soon tho and leaving at my dads. I go up there quite often and now i will have a quality yak to use there also. Its too good. I’ll never sell it.

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