Life Jackets

Nine out of 10 people who drown when boating in NSW are not wearing a lifejacket. (Reference: Maritime Management Centre)

Hopefully this statistic inspires you to wear one!

For kayaking, you want a life jacket that doesn’t feel like a straight jacket, but keeps you safe if things turn for the worse. Weather can change quickly. Silly people on motorised craft can act foolishly. In the event that one of these things happens and you are caught by surprise, you’ll be in a better position to respond effectively if you are wearing a life jacket.

The Law

In some situations it is a LEGAL requirement for a kayaker to wear an approved life jacket. The law is summarised here.


Life jackets can be uncomfortable on a kayak. Bulky padding on the back feels like a huge lump in the backrest.
We recommend a PFD1 jacket that is manually inflatable. These do not ‘puff up’ until the cord is pulled, so for everyday use they are not bulky and don’t get in the way of you having fun.
You can buy them right here!

by Rory

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