Fishing Sponsorship Program

Fishing Sponsorship Program by Dream Kayaks

Dream Kayaks is currently recruiting prostaff, or people who are keen to swap content for gear and exposure. It’s an awesome program that gives all fishos an opportunity to get out and fish more with the best gear!

Deadline for applications is midnight Sunday 19 July 2015. No exceptions.

What Are Dream Kayaks Looking For?

The ideal candidate is someone who fishes heaps, loves taking videos and photos, and has already got a big facebook and / or instagram page with thousands of followers. If that’s you, apply now! If not – don’t worry! Even someone who provided a quality pic or video once every 4 or 5 months could still be on the team. Dream are getting a massive response to this program and they want to get everyone on board who is serious and capable. Even if that means 50 people on their team. So if you’re confident you can provide quality content, apply now!

What Do You Get Out Of It?

Everyone is interested for different reasons but usually it’s one or more of these:

  • You want to use Dream Kayaks to get massive exposure for your facebook or instagram page
  • You want to get quality free gear to make your yak fishing adventures more epic
  • You want to be involved in a team of crazy yak fishos going mad on the water and living the dream

How Does It Work?

1. You Apply. Click here to do just that. Be sure to read “Consider this before applying” below before applying.

2. Dream accept or decline (Limited spaces available). You will need to sign a legal agreement.

3. You go fishing! (oh, and then email Dream your content)

4. You earn points (1 Dream point = $1 in their wicked online shop)

5. You ‘Buy’ gear for FREE!

It’s that simple. Email them now to apply. Be sure to read “Consider this before applying” below before applying.

The table below gives you a rough indication of what you stand to get in return for content provided. Dream will decide what is ‘Amazing’ and what is ‘Great’. Anything less than ‘great’ quality will be rejected. Below is a rough guide only. These rough parameters may change without notice at the discretion of Dream Kayaks.

Content Provided

Credit Earned

Print Media Article Case by case
1-5 min Video (product review or action) Amazing $30-$80
Great $10-$30
Pretty good $0
Blog Article $20-$60
Image Amazing $30
Great $10
Pretty good $0
Forum posts Case by case
Facebook or Instagram plug $1-$5 per 1000 followers

Consider this before applying

  • Dream Kayaks are looking for long-term business partners. You will have to work hard to be involved. No free-riders will be admitted.
  • Most applicants will have to put in about 2 months of solid fishing and photography before they get any freebies from Dream.
  • In some cases where applicant shows exceptional ability to create buzz and provide instant exposure Dream may provide a kayak or other gear upfront.
  • Only excellent quality content will be accepted. Just OK content will be rejected and no points earned.
  • Dream Kayaks reserves the right to reject content sent through by prostaff if Dream Kayaks don’t need content at the time.
  • The decision on what rating to give content you provide will be made exclusively by Dream.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Only experienced fishos will be considered.
  • fishing sponsorship is hard to get. make your application sound good!

How Do I Apply?

Just send an email to and be sure to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have any blogs, fb pages, etc., where you post fishing pics?
  • Do you have a good camera for taking pics and videos?
  • How often do you fish?
  • How long have you been fishing?
  • What area do you live in? (and fish in – roughly is fine)
  • What are your favourite fishing websites, forums, etc?
  • Do you currently own a kayak? If so what sort?
  • Are you 18 years of age or older ?

by Rory

2 thoughts on “Fishing Sponsorship Program

  1. Abe Kennedy says:

    Hi I am interested to know more as I am a keen yak fishermen. A quick question, can you give some examples of the calibre of photos you are after? Would the pic (me kneeling down holding a flatty in front of my yak from the 10 of July post shared on the 14th) I posted on the comment pic be good or great and what are you looking for in the picture just massive fish being held or can we submit awesome yaking fun and scenery? Also, what are your expectations for the blog, would something akin to a small feature article be acceptable? Many thanks Abe

    • rusty says:

      Hi Abe
      Thanks heaps for your interest in the program. Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond.
      Sorry applications closed on 19th July.
      We’ll hold more recruitment programs in the future so stay tuned!

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