Dragonfly 5 Kayak

Dragonfly 5 Kayak

Dragonfly 5 Kayak Review

The Dragonfly 5 is actually a really good 3m kayak. And this price is truly unbeatable! $350 with seat, paddle and swivel rod holder! Coming from our friends at Dream Kayaks this is quality at a smashing price! Review shown below! Click here to see heaps more info on the Dragonfly 5.

It’s tracking is fair to good for a shorter kayak. Requires some double strokes in moving water but hey – anything without a rudder does!.
Weight – Comes in at 22kg.
Stability – Good. At 80cm wide this is a solid fishing kayak.
Speed – Fair. Not going to break the sound barrier or keep up with the longer thinner kayaks but being 295cm with a sharp V-shaped keel at the bow (front) this kayak is fast enough for a river or estuary adventure.
Storage – Not amazing but pretty standard – two 8-inch hatches and a well behind the seat
Comfort – OK. It’s not the BEAST Kayak by any means (check that out right here!) but the comfort it does provide is the same as many kayaks being sold for $699 plus! (I didn’t mention a ubiquitous big fishing store!! 😉
Load capacity – Takes 105kg no worries and up to 120kg is realistic.

Check out all the specs and other great yaks at Dream Kayaks right here.

Catch you next time!

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