Basic Kayak Fishing Accessories

Kayak Fishing Accessories Dream Kayaks

Basic Kayak Fishing Accessories

The great thing about kayak fishing is it can be as simple or as complex as you choose it to be.

All you need to start is a kayak, a paddle, a rod and reel and some basic tackle, being either some hooks and sinkers or a few lures.

When you really love your fishing and you love sportfishing with lures things can start to get more complex, generally by our own choosing and you start thinking about how many rods can I fit on my yak? What sort of rods do I need for this species? And what lures for those species? What tackle storage systems to use and what else do I need to catch more fish.

Since getting my Dream Catcher 4 I have slowly refined my rod selection now opting for 6’3 medium and 6’4 soft action rods in 2-5kg and 2-4kg ratings for the creek bashing. This softer rod allows for casting lighter lures and working surface lures better while the medium rod offers a little more beef for throwing spinner baits and heavier lures.  In the open waters of the estuary or dams I revert back to my standard 7’ 1-3kg 2-3kg and 3-6kg depending on species being targeting.

When choosing lures for a yakking session I opt for two small low profile Versus boxes that hold enough lures to cover surface presentations, some crankbaits, spinnerbaits, vibes and soft plastics. These slim profile boxes fit nicely in my nearest hatch along with 2 spools of leader material, scissors, pliers and a camera.

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Kayak Fishing Accessories

Some of the extra items I have added to the kit over time include the following:

Paddle leash / lanyard These are good for keeping your paddle and fishing rod on the kayak! Generally around $15 – Check one out here.

Landing net and lip grip there are a great range of kayak specific landing nets from Berkley that often come complete with a retractable cord and clip so you don’t lose it over the side. A landing net is handy when encountering bigger fish and also spikey fish as well and allows safe handling before release or dispatching to the esky.  Lip grips come into their own for handling larger fish and can give you better control than the net.

Basic Kayak Fishing Gear

Quick clamps on rope After fishing in fast flowing waters I got myself a couple of quick clamps with a length of rope between it.  This simple device comes in handy in flowing water for attaching to trees to retrieve a snagged lure, to re-rig, to take photos, to tow a mate or just to have a break without disappearing down the river.

Anchor An anchor comes in handy when you want to spend significant time fishing one piece of structure without having to drift past and paddle back to it continuously. With a sliding rope attached along one side of your yak it’s a simple matter of clipping on the anchor to a loop in your sliding rope and pulling it either to the front or back of your yak, depending on your desired position in the flow of current. Grab an anchor from Dream Kayaks for $39.

Tackleback and pole lure retriever Lures are expensive!  And misplaced casts or hidden snags can quickly account to substantial lost $$$.  To minimise losses I use two means of lure retrieval the first and original is a tackleback. This is a simple lead weight with short lengths of small chain attached that catch the hooks when it is slid down your line. The advantage of this is it’s nearly always effective and can be used in any depth – as long as you have enough cord attached to it. It may be less effective in fast flowing water.  A pole retriever works simply by putting your line in the coil at the end and sliding it down to your lure. Once there it can either push the lure off or foul a treble and pull it off.  These are great for shallow water.

Fish ID Guide For the beginner angler these waterproof, one-sheet guides give you great info on the most commonly caught 50 or so species in QLD, NSW etc. Includes legal limits and lengths, colour pics, and basic info! Check them out here.

As the popularity of kayaking increases more and more handy devices to make your experience easier will appear.   These are the things I’ve found work for me but let your experiences on the water dictate your needs.

The BEAST Fishing Kayak

  • Raised Aluminium-Framed Seat
  • Large rectangular hatch to hold bigger tackle boxes
  • Tracks on each side for accessorising!
  • Much much more! Check it out here!

The BEAST Fishing Kayak

by Ken Rowling

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