Alien Watercraft

Alien Watercraft is a brand new venture that builds kayaks and other watercraft using space-tech materials including vacuum-compressed carbon fibre and Kevlar. The results are amazing! Compared to a similar sized plastic kayak you can halve the weight for a start! And by most measures they are stronger than metal!

The absolute best thing about Alien? Their craft are 100% made here in Australia. Yep- Aussie-made kayaks! And yes they specialise in fishing kayaks! (Read more about fishing from a kayak here!)

These are custom-built craft with unlimited versatility for attaching gear. Also easily attachable are their innovative performance modules such as extra fins for better tracking, retractable stabilisers for massive stability, and even click-on electric motors to send your acceleration stratospheric!

Alien Watercraft are still building their production capacity. They are yet to release their best products, which will include pedal kayaks, motor kayaks, and more. For now they are experimenting with a new concept called a yakboard(R). These are like extra thick SUP boards that have raised swivel seats and a limitless array of gear portals. They will also come with motor options soon.

If you’re keen on the idea of a super-light kayak, or want to support a small Aussie start-up going toe-to-toe against the Chinese manufacturing giants, head over to Alien Watercraft and check out some quality craft!

World-leading kayaks made in Australia.

by Rory

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